Welcome to Ur Caring Docs!


I’m Dr. Tamara Beckford, an ER physician, wife, and mother on a mission to make medicine less mysterious!

I want you to have a solid understanding of your body and the care it needs to thrive.

I also understand that as a busy, professional woman, it's not always easy to take time to care for U.


My resources are designed to give you all the tools and information you need to do just that!

Ur Caring Society

Ur Caring Society is a membership-based community designed to educate, inspire, and support busy women professionals in reaching optimal health and wellness.

The focus is guiding women to prioritize their own health as they perform the incredible tasks of balancing careers and family life.

Ur Caring Society regularly invites top women professionals to share their stories, educate women on their health and wellness, and inspire action.

On top of that, this dynamite group of women serves as a safe and private community of members seeking encouragement and accountability as they better themselves.


Docs Who Care

Docs Who Care is another avenue for equipping you with the info you need for optimal health and wellness. Imagine a gigantic library full of health and wellness information in the approachable format of video interviews with the most brilliant and caring physicians. These physicians have a wide array of specialties and share their expertise in digestible, down-to-earth terms.


Studies (along with the faces of patients I see myself!) have shown people don’t always understand the medical terms that are part of their doctor’s vocabulary.


This leads to misunderstanding, confusion, and even feelings of intimidation and inferiority.

I’m here to bust through confusion, break down the jargon, and BUILD YOU UP so you can understand the world of medicine, especially as it pertains to YOUR HEALTH and that of your loved ones. It will blow your mind just how simple science can be. And you will really appreciate knowing what’s up with your body and any diagnoses and treatments in simple, easy-to-understand terms.

As an ER doc, I have treated patients with heart attacks and strokes. I have delivered babies. I have tended to gunshot wounds. But I feel most effective when I see my patients have that aha moment—when what’s happening in their body suddenly makes sense because I’m able to explain what was once complicated in a whole new way.

Google is great, but don't you just want a living, breathing human to answer your questions sometimes? Someone who has been there, done that? I find that's especially true when it comes to medical and health questions. 

My free Facebook community is here to support U, weigh in on your questions, and share personal experiences. It's made up of busy women like you who are juggling work deadlines, kiddo sports schedules, grocery shopping, relationships, exercise, mental health ... all the things.

We busy women need each other for encouragement and expertise. Advice and accountability. Conversation and comfort. 

We nurturers need to be nurtured, too, and that's what this community is here for.  Time to put U First!

If you want a dynamic speaker who can command the audience, I’m your girl! I'll speak at your next event, whether you have an audience of docs who need inspiration and motivation or an audience of professionals who need education and support on their own health and wellness. 
I love to engage with a crowd and have the education and experience to back up what I share. I have spoken everywhere, from universities to moms groups. I demystify medicine, debunk myths, and decompose confusion surrounding health and wellness. 
If you're interested in working with me, fill out the form and a member of my team will be in touch.