Treating Chronic Medical Conditions and Optimizing Wellness

with Dr. Ndidiamaka Obadan aka Dr. DD


According to recent data, 51.8% of US adults had at least 1 chronic condition, and 27.2% had multiple chronic conditions. These are real issues and this is why I am excited to talk to Dr. Obadan aka Dr. DD!

About Dr. Ndidiamaka Obadan

Dr Ndidiamaka Obadan, fondly known as Dr DD. She is board certified in internal medicine and nephrology. She is a certified hypertension specialist and an affiliate assistant professor.

She graduated from the University of Benin, Completed her Masters in International Health Policy and Management at the Heller School of Public Health, Brandeis, Massachusetts. Residency in Harlem/Columbia University in New York and Nephrology fellowship in the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston SC.

Dr. DD is the CEO of youngerselfmd which is a medical practice specializing in preventing and treating chronic medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease. Her practice is located in Kennesaw/Acworth, Georgia.

Dr. Obadan serves her patients/clients by providing primary care and nephrology services to her local community and beyond, through in-person and telemedicine visits. She is a wife and mom of 3 beautiful kids

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