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We help organizations create amazing cultures and reduce employee burnout through curated self-care workshops.



Dr. Tamara Beckford is a board-certified emergency physician, best-selling author, wife, and mom. She is the CEO of UR Caring Docs, where she helps help companies create amazing cultures and boost employee retention through self-care workshops. She also hosts the Dr. Tamara Beckford Show, where she has interviewed over 150 physicians about self-care, wellness, and the fantastic things they are doing inside and outside clinical medicine. Dr. Beckford has been a guest on dozens of podcasts and has discussed the importance of selfcare on many platforms, including Power to Fly, Scale Your Business Summit, and Blaze Virtual Summit. She is also a Success Mentor at the EntreMD Business School (EBS), the largest school for physician entrepreneurs in the United States.


Dr. Beckford has been a guest on dozens of podcasts and has presented on the importance of wellness on many platforms.

Book Dr. Beckford for your next event so she can improve your bottom line and the well-being of your audience and members.

Hosting/Emcee (MC)

Dr. Beckford specializes in Hosting/Emceeing multi-day events in various industries.

Dr. Beckford will ensure your multi-day event, conference, or convention succeed by catering to your audience, whether virtual or in-person.


Dr. Beckford helps companies create amazing cultures and reduce employee burnout through self-care workshops.

Dr. Beckford tailors her services to your organization's needs, making her the right person to cater to the needs of your employees.



Watch Dr. Beckford As She Hosts Workshops, Guest Stars on Multiple Podcasts, And Emcees For Various Events.


The EntreMD Podcast

The Dr. Tamara Beckford Show is where you hear about the amazing things doctors do inside and outside clinical medicine. They also share their self-care and wellness tips!


Managing Stress is Equally as Important as Managing Tasks!💡

Jan 09, 2023

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