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Oluyemisi Famuyiwa, MD

Medical Director, Montgomery Fertility Center

Thank you Dr Beckford for a phenomenal staff retreat. Everyone enjoyed all the selfcare lessons and enjoyed getting to know each other better. Looking forward to next year.

Mallory Salentine, MD

Founder & CEO,
Salentine Coaching and Consulting

Tamara is an amazing host and speaker. Live shows can be stressful, and she kept it light and comfortable. She asked amazing questions and the conversation flowed beautifully. I highly recommend being a guest on her show or hiring her to speak in your organization.

LouAnne Giangreco, MD

Principal and Healthcare Consultant, June Rose Consulting, LLC

Dr. Beckford is an engaging, skilled, and supportive facilitator. As a guest on her podcast, I was impressed by her warm approach from our first contact through filming. She is a fantastic communicator and well-organized. Her questions are thoughtful and authentic, making it easy to have a great interview. She is clearly invested in making a difference in the lives of physicians and the communities that they serve. I highly recommend collaborating with Dr. Beckford!

Delia Chiaramonte, MD

Founder & CEO, The Integrative Palliative Institute

Alexandria Hodge, MBA

Grant Professional

Dr. Beckford is an extraordinary woman and speaker! It was an extreme pleasure to work with her during our 2023 GPA Southeast Texas Chapter Regional Conference. She served as our Lunch Speaker giving us so many great tools and resources to “Thrive with Self-care.” As grant professionals in a demanding and deadline-driven field, Dr. Beckford drove home the message for all of us to give to ourselves as we give of ourselves. She can resonate with any audience and has a beautiful and infectious spirit. I highly recommend Dr. Beckford and look forward to working with her again!

Adam James

Founder & CEO, Mindful Journey

I engaged Dr. Beckford to facilitate a 30 minute presentation for our Mindful Journey community. From the initial outreach, it was evident that Dr. Beckford was fully committed to delivering value to the attendees. She asked meaningful questions about the audience dynamic to ensure the message crafted would resonate. Her delivery was very well received as she provided actionable items backed by research and personal stories, coupled with a tone & passion that elicited emotion. You’d do well with Tamara Beckford as your next speaker! I certainly will be having her back again in the future.

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Mitra Ayazifar, MD

Founder, Capital Eye Medical Group

Dr. Tamara Beckford interviewed me on her podcast about a year ago. She asked questions that allowed me to share my journey as a physician/patient with ease. Dr. Beckford certainly has a talent for understanding her interviewees and bringing out the best in them. I have watched her at several summits/retreats as she brings her energy and enthusiasm to the attendees. I look forward to watching future interviews as I set reminders in my calendars. So proud of how Dr Beckford is reminding the healers to care for themselves as they continue to care of their patients. Thank you

Tawanna Gilliard, MD

Founder, Cornerstone of Wellness, LLC

I have been following and interacting with Dr. Beckford for a year. She is passionate about her mission to help with burnout at the corporation level. I have seen how passionate she is about wellness and selfcare through watching her weekly Facebook lives and interacting with her in small groups that she facilitates. She is so intuitive and has great insight. If you are looking for someone to come to your hospital to assist with employee burnout..she is the person. If you are looking for a fabulous Mistress of Ceremony...she is the perfect fit. 

Thank you for all you do! Keep Shining!

Chiagozie Fawole, MD

SavvyDocs in Real Estate

Dr. Tamara Beckford was such a great moderator AND speaker at the Physician Wealth Revolution STR Bootcamp. First, before the event, she actively engaged with the planning team to ensure she was catering to the needs of the attendees. At the event she kept the audience engaged - both those present in person, and the virtual audience. Her talk on Wealth and Wellness was also superb! She gave practical tips on wellness busy physicians could incorporate into their lifestyles while building wealth! 

I highly recommend Dr. Beckford

Isabelle Amigues, MD

Founder & CEO, UnabridgedMD

Dr Beckford is one of a kind host. She brings an incredible energy to her show and gives her whole heart to her mission which is helping physicians out of burnout. As her guest on the show I felt very at ease to share my story and be vulnerable. 

I am also honored and lucky to have her as a mentor in a success group with the EntreMD business school. She brings the same kind of energy and enthusiasm every week so that her groups of physicians get to be the best at what they do. It truly is a pleasure and honor to work with such a compassionate, professional and fun doctor and mentor. 

Thank you!

Ashley Perales, GPC

Grant Professional

Diana Londoño, MD

Founder, Physician Coach Support LLC

Dr. Beckford is natural interviewer/ podcast/ show host! The first thing you notice/ feel is her beautiful energy. She is prepared, professional, yet so caring and warm you feel like you are talking effortlessly to a friend. Time flies you don't even notice, and you hope the conversation can go on longer. 
She brings so much value to so many people's lives and works tirelessly and what appears to be effortlessly (because it is streamlined and smooth), and she is a gem and delight. 

We need more people like her who have a mission, work hard to achieve it, are genuine, loving, connectors and believe in hope and love. I cannot say enough about Dr. Beckford. My life has defintely been changed for the positive for her just "being" and all her "doing" which is filled with purpose and love. 

When we do anything with love, the outcome is always incredible. Here is an example of incredible. Enjoy.