Thriving Through Emergency Medicine Residency

with Dr. Abiola Oso


Did you hear 550 emergency medicine positions were unfilled during this year’s match? What does this mean for the future of emergency medicine? I am excited to chat with emergency medicine physician Dr. Abiola Oso about this situation and to get his tips to thrive during residency.

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About Dr. Abiola Oso

Dr. Oso is a recent graduate, so he brings a fresh perspective. He is Nigerian but was raised in Atlanta, GA, where he pursued his undergraduate studies and completed medical school at Morehouse School of Medicine, where he served as SGA President.

He met his wife in Atlanta, who is an anesthesiologist. They “couples matched” and took their talents to Houston in their respective fields to complete residencies at The University of Houston. His wife and he both served as chief residents in their programs there. He has two beautiful twins, a boy and a girl named Micah & Elijah, who just turned one. He has worked as an ER Physician in the community for almost 2 years.

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