5 Ways to Improve Your Well-Being and The Importance of Coaching

with Dr. Adam Harrison


Dr. Harrison talks about life, core values, limits on social media, finding a coach, and shares five ways to improve your well-being.

Should you get a coach? Or is it even worth it? I had a fantastic conversation with Dr. Harrison from the UK about well-being and the importance of coaching. Dr. Harrison shares the information we need to build a healthy and happy life. This episode shares so many gems that will help improve your life today.

About Dr. Adam Harrison

Adam is a family physician, medical educator, qualified attorney-at-law, ex-medical director, and now certified life, leadership, and executive coach who, because of his personal experience, specializes in life, career, and leadership coaching, and mentoring doctors of all grades and specialties.

As a doctor and ex-medical leader, he has experienced firsthand the consequences of working within poorly-led environments, and this has fuelled his passion to work with medical leaders and healthcare executives to enable them to promote positive cultures within both their immediate teams and wider organizations.

He also feels very strongly about helping individual doctors and other professionals suffering the consequences of working in toxic workplaces, his mission being to help them develop the skills needed to successfully deal with their situation, so they can be happier and more successful at work.

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