The Impact of Psychological Trauma on Our Mental Health and Using the "Skills Over Pills" Approach to Healing

with Dr. Alauna Curry



About Dr. Alauna Curry

Dr. Alauna Curry is America’s only “Trauma Psychiatrist,” focused exclusively on educating people about the impact of psychological trauma on our individual and collective mental health, from a brain, body, and behavioral perspective. After graduating summa cum laude from the Xavier University of Louisiana and obtaining her medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine, she provided intensive trauma treatment for US Military veterans for 12 years. Yet in the midst of excelling as an Assistant Professor, studying and teaching the most evidence-based interventions available, she encountered a series of personal and professional traumas that led her to re-evaluate what she had been taught to believe about trauma.

Recognizing the pervasive yet predictable patterns produced by the primitive brain, it became clear that the prevalence of trauma is grossly underestimated. We all have been, currently are, and will be impacted by psychologically traumatizing experiences. Rather than seeing this as distressing, Dr. Alauna sees it as an opportunity to eliminate the stigma of trauma, and her hope is that this transformative information will trigger an 'Empathy Evolution’ in healthcare and beyond, becoming a catalyst for a healthier, peaceful human species on earth.

She founded the Dr. Alauna Trauma Recovery Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating psychological trauma worldwide by providing affordable public education and professional training in Empathy Skills Practice™ for Traumatized Humans, a Skills Over Pills approach to self-healing and trauma recovery

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