Benefits of Plant-Based Diets, Healthy Recipes, and Losing Weight

with Dr. Amanda Adkins


Have you heard about a plant-based diet? Are you thinking about shifting your eating habits?

I am so excited that Dr. Adkins joined me to talk all about plant-based diets and how she changed her life at 14 years old after weighing nearly 200 pounds.


About Dr. Amanda Adkins

Dr. Amanda Adkins, MD a board-certified internal medicine specialist since 2009. She has a deep passion for ensuring that everyone has a chance at a healthy and happy life. Dr. Adkins knows from both medical and personal experience that a plant-based lifestyle can lead to amazing changes in health. Her own experience led her down a path of recovery from an unhealthy start in life. By the age of 14, she weighed almost 200 pounds and knew that if she was going to live a life fully, something had to change.

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