Success Beyond Residency, Becoming a Boss & Army Service

with Dr. Amy Vertrees


Are you a physician that wants to level up and wondering how to do it? You’re going to love this conversation with Dr. Vertrees.

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About Dr. Amy Vertrees

Amy Vertrees, MD, is a board-certified general surgeon, Army veteran, certified coach, author, and founder of the BOSS Business of Surgery Series.

She served 17 years in the Army, reaching the rank of lieutenant colonel and deploying 3 times to Afghanistan and Iraq as a general surgeon.

After leaving the military, she was an employed surgeon and created Columbia Surgical Partners, a private practice general surgery group.

She discovered there were lessons she was never taught in residency necessary for a successful surgical career.

She created the BOSS Business of Surgery Series to fill that gap and has used everything she learned to become a successful private practice general surgeon.

The BOSS series includes a highly-rated podcast, group coaching, 1:1 coaching, and the book “Become the BOSS MD: Success Beyond Residency.”

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