Talking about Cerebral Palsy, Brain Injuries, Strokes, and Rehab

with Dr. Andrea Staneta

This episode is all about brain injuries, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, strokes, disabilities, and the different treatment options available.

You don’t want to miss this if:

👉🏾You know someone who is in rehab because of a stroke.

👉🏾You know someone with cerebral palsy

👉🏾You want to understand physical medicine and rehabilitation

👉🏾 You want to hear an incredible story of struggle and triumph

👉🏾You have problems with your spine

👉🏾 You or someone you know has spina bifida

👉🏾 You want to know the role of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) doc on your team

👉🏾 Want to understand better muscular dystrophy

About Dr. Andrea Staneta

Dr. Andrea Staneata is a board-certified physician in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She practices interventional spinal procedures and musculoskeletal medicine. She lives and works in North Carolina. She is passionate about educating her patients regarding their conditions and the treatments available for them. She enjoys spending time with her children, reading, and traveling. She is the co-author of the anthology called "The Warrior Women Project", where she talks about her immigration story.

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