Carve Out Time for Fitness Amidst the Holiday Hustle!

with Dr. Anita Lwanga


🦃 Thanksgiving is around the corner (in the USA), and we're serving up some golden advice on how to find time for fitness in your jam-packed schedule! 🕰️

Join Dr. Beckford and the incredible Dr. Lwanga in a LIVE interview packed with tips, tricks, and secrets on squeezing in exercise when life gets crazy! 🚀

About Dr. Anita Lwanga

Dr. Anita Lwanga is an Exercise Physiologist, General Internist, and Geriatrician at the Saskatchewan Health Region.

She attended St. Matthews University School of Medicine, an Internal Medicine Residency at Mount Sinai in Chicago, and a Geriatrics Fellowship at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

Dr. Lwanga’s mission is to provide compassionate and holistic care.

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