Talking Women in Leadership

with Dr. Asha Padmanabhan


If you are a busy professional woman with leadership aspirations then this episode is for you.

About Dr. Asha Padmanabhan

Dr. Asha is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. She currently holds several leadership positions, including Medical Director at her hospital, and leadership positions in her State and National anesthesia societies.

Having been in leadership positions for over 10 years, realized early on that women physicians in leadership or aspiring to be leaders face a unique set of challenges. As an ‘accidental leader’ being thrown into leadership totally unprepared, she soon realized how lonely and isolating being a woman physician in leadership was, and the lack of resources available.

She coaches early and mid-career women physicians to step into administrative and leadership roles by teaching them key components of effective leadership like self-awareness, self-management, effective communication skills, and conflict resolution. And what makes her program unique and different is that she really focuses on utilizing each individual woman physician's strengths, behavior style, and values to tailor how they can achieve their full potential without sacrificing home or family life.

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