Talking all about the Causes, Risk Factors, and Treatments for Fibroids

with Dr. Cheruba Prabakar 


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👉🏾If you are a woman with fibroids

👉🏾You are wondering about the options to treat fibroids

👉🏾You are wondering what are the risk factors for fibroids

About Dr. Cheruba Prabakar

Cheruba Prabakar, MD, is a board certified OBGYN who specializes in treating women with endometriosis, fibroids, irregular bleeding, pelvic pain, and uterine prolapse. In addition to her residency program, Dr. Prabakar completed a 2-year AAGL approved fellowship in Minimally Invasive Surgery at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. Dr. Prabakar loves all aspects of her specialty but has chosen to focus on gynecologic surgery. During her fellowship, she learned advanced laparoscopy and robotic surgery and provides these minimally invasive options to her patients who need surgery. She is happily married with two children and enjoys cooking, working out, and traveling the world.

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