Unlocking The Power Of Breastfeeding Medicine

with Dr. Cindy Rubin


Join Dr. Rubin and Dr. Beckford in a discussion about the crucial importance of Breastfeeding Medicine. Discover how it differs from other forms of lactation support and why it holds significant significance.

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About Dr. Cindy Rubin

Dr. Rubin is a pediatrician and breastfeeding medicine specialist practicing in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. She did her undergrad at Stanford University, medical school at Georgetown, and pediatrics residency at the University of Chicago. She worked as an outpatient general pediatrician at Loyola University Medical Center for 13 years before opening her new practice, In Touch Pediatrics and Lactation.

In Touch is a Direct Pediatric Care practice offering general pediatrics services and breastfeeding medicine consults. Dr. Rubin is thrilled to be able to provide these services in patients’ homes when and where they need them most! She continues to teach medical students as the adviser for her Breastfeeding and Lactation 4th Year Elective.

She serves as the Co-Chair for the Committee on Breastfeeding for the Illinois chapter of the AAP and is a board member of the North American Board of Breastfeeding and Lactation Medicine.

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