The FIRE Movement, Spending Money on Your Values, and Tips to Improve Your $$ Skills

with Dr. Elisa Chiang


Dr. Chiang and I talked about the Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) movement and what this means for your life. We also explore how our beliefs about money drive our actions. We also talk about burnout and how that fast-tracked her FI journey.

About Dr. Elisa Chiang

Elizabeth Chiang, or Elisa for short, is a board-certified ophthalmologist and fellowship-trained oculoplastic surgeon as well as a life coach. She dove into the world of personal finance and investing as a graduate student during her MSTP (combined MD/Ph.D. program) and set her mind toward FIRE before the term became popularized. She became a certified Life Coach through the Life Coach School so she can help others battle burnout, build wealth, and make every day closer to their ideal life. To learn more about Elisa or to work with her, visit her website at

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