Talking about Gum Disease, Cracked Teeth, Root Canals, and Good Oral Health

with Dr. Erin Steib Griffin


Dr. Griffin an accomplished dentist and co-owner of Universal Smiles in Texas shares:

1. When and why you need a root canal
2. Some of the causes of a cracked tooth
3. Tips for good oral health

Fun Fact: Dr. Griffin didn’t want to be a dentist growing up

About Dr. Erin Steib Griffin

As a child, Dr. Griffin knew she wanted to be in a profession that involved helping people. She has always been interested in science and was a participant in the international science fair twice. Erin knew she wanted to be a dentist in 2002 when she worked at the LSU dental school outpatient clinic as a lab assistant. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from Tulane University. While at Tulane, she had two research projects published, as well as research that was patented. Dr. Griffin graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry with honors in 2009. She and her husband Brad have two beautiful children that keep them busy and entertained. Friends, family and patients describe her as compassionate, warm, and friendly, and she is a self-described perfectionist. When not practicing dentistry, this busy mom enjoys shopping, attending church, going to the movies, dining out, entertaining family and friends, and most importantly, being a wife and mother.

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