Food Allergies, Feeding Challenges, and “Reflux” in Kids

with Dr. Eva Cesnek (aka Dr. Evka)


Are you a parent who has a child who is a picky eater or has difficulty tolerating some foods? You definitely don’t want to miss this episode with the amazing Dr. Cesnek aka Dr. Evka.

You want your child to feel comfortable and enjoy food. Instead, your child vomits, cries a lot, has food intolerances, or shows other feeding challenges. This leaves you feeling anxious and hopeless. To empower you, I am excited to get tips from Dr. Evka.

About Dr. Evka

Dr. Evka is a family doctor trained in feeding therapy, a nutritionist, and a best-selling author. She has helped hundreds of children who were told they had "reflux". They started to thrive after their real medical conditions were revealed and properly treated. She is the author of multiple books and an accomplished speaker.

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