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with Dr. Grace E. Terrell


Have you ever met a serial entrepreneur, or are you interested in innovation in healthcare? If so, then you want to check out this conversation with Dr. Terrell, who helped to grow a company from $16M to $250M in revenue.

About Dr. Grace E. Terrell

Grace E. Terrell MD MMM is a national thought leader in health care innovation and delivery system reform, and a serial entrepreneur in population health outcomes driven through patient care model design, clinical and information integration, and value-based payment models. She is also a practicing general internist. She has served as CEO of Eventus WholeHealth, LLC., a company focused on providing holistic care to medically vulnerable adults.

She is the former CEO of Cornerstone Health Care, one of the first medical groups to make the “move to value” by lowering the cost of care and improving its quality for the sickest, most vulnerable patients, the founding CEO of CHESS, a population health management company, and the former CEO of Envision Genomics, a company focused on the integration of precision medicine technology into population health frameworks for patients with rare and undiagnosed diseases.

Dr. Terrell has served as vice chair of the U.S. DHHS’ Physician-Focused Payment Model Technical Advisory Committee, the chairman of the board of the AMGA, is a founding member of the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center, the co-author of Value-Based Care and Payment Models and Reframing Contemporary Physician Leadership: We Stated as Heroes. She is currently an executive in residence at Duke University School of Medicine’s MMCi Program and a Senior Advisor for Oliver Wyman management consulting firm, Senscio Systems, Inc., and IKS Health.

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