Talking about Depression in High Functioning Women

with Dr. Jeannie Lawrence


So excited to chat with Dr. Lawrence about depression which is often a taboo topic among professional women

About Dr. Jeannie Lawrence

Dr. Jeannie Lawrence, MD is a board-certified adult psychiatrist and psychotherapist, writer, and speaker.

She is the owner of a niche mental health private practice based in North Carolina that specializes in treating women physicians, who often suffer from undiagnosed and untreated mental health conditions.
Dr. Lawrence also sees non-physician patients within a large hospital system offering psychiatric consultation and ongoing care to patients in the primary care setting. For all of her patients and clients,

She is also the creator of “Emotional Mastery For Women Physicians”, a program that helps women in medicine manage their emotions and optimize their mindset and relationships, so they can live lives that are not only successful on the outside but also feel amazing on the inside.

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