Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) & Hormones in Women

with Dr. Jennifer Roelands


Are my hormones out of whack? I get this question often from women. What is PCOS and why is it such a big deal for women? I am so excited to chat with Dr. Roelands about this topic and so much more.

About Dr. Jennifer Roelands

Dr. Jennifer Roelands is an integrative medicine trained OB/GYN with over a decade of women's health experience. She is the SHEO and founder of Well Woman MD, a virtual specialty clinic dedicated to aholistic, whole-body approach to gynecological care by using nutrition, lifestyle, and cutting-edge testing.

She started this company after not getting the answers she needed from conventional medicine about how to treat PCOS and hypothyroidism without just medications. She partners with women to find out the root cause of their symptoms of hormonal imbalance so they can live a vibrant life.

She is also the host of Ignite Your PowHer podcast, a platform for badass female entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry.

An avid outdoor enthusiast and traveler. And self-proclaimed foodie. Most importantly she is the GO-TO math guru for her 4 energetic kids.

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