Saving Money on Medicine and Doctor's Visits, & the Questions You Have to Ask

with Dr. Katrice Brooks


This episode is all about saving you money and providing the tools you need when you visit your doctor.

You don’t want to miss this if:

👉🏾You have ever gotten a high medical bill

👉🏾You are not sure what to ask your doctor

👉🏾 You want tips to save you money on medical bills.

👉🏾You want to hear directly from a physician on the right questions

👉🏾 You want to be prepared for your upcoming visit.

About Dr. Katrice Brooks

Double board-certified in Family and Lifestyle Medicine Dr. Brooks has over 10 years of experience in primary care. Providing exceptional care she helps patients get the care they deserve with a doctor who listens, spends time with them, and answers their questions. She is passionate about health equality, improving lives by reducing medication, and patient autonomy. Dr. Brooks transforms patients' lives with a holistic approach to care by really listening and helping patients to achieve their goals.

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