Moving from Burnt Out Physician to Thriving Entrepreneur

with Dr. La Toya Luces-Sampson


Are you feeling tired and burnt out in your job? If so, this episode is for you. Dr. Luces - Sampson talks about using entrepreneurship to help her move from burnout and a toxic work environment.

About Dr. La Toya Luces-Sampson

Dr. La Toya Luces-Sampson is a wife, mother, board-certified OBGYN, and entrepreneur. She's originally from Trinidad and Tobago and attended Howard University, where she completed a 6-year BS/MD program, graduating from medical school at the age of 24 as an inductee of the Alpha Omega Alpha honorific medical society. She went on to complete her OBGYN residency at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia and has held various leadership positions in the subsequent years of practice.

Her latest venture is into entrepreneurship, starting with Buy Default: a curated directory of Black businesses and Black professionals who cater to the Black community, and then Amina OBGYN Consultants, an independent contracting company providing hospital-based OBGYN services.

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