Physician Empowerment Through Decentralized Identity

with Dr. Leah Houston


What if physicians had a digital identity wallet to store and share credentials? I'm excited to chat with Dr. Houston about this today and the future of healthcare.

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About Dr. Leah Houston

Dr. Leah Houston graduated from Albany Medical College for Medical School and chose to stay at Albany to complete her training in Emergency Medicine. She is the Founder of HPEC, an organization dedicated to empowering physicians through decentralized identity. Her primary focus is automating credentialing, enabling physicians to work and move freely.

In a rapidly growing healthcare sector with over 20 million employees in the US, Dr. Houston recognizes the increasing turnover faced by healthcare systems due to dissatisfaction. With HPEC, physicians have control over their digitized and automatically verified credentials, allowing them to onboard, open, and build their private practices without the friction of currently available legacy-driven credentialing systems.

As a product founder, she is a nationally requested speaker and author on self-sovereign identity in healthcare. She also recently completed training in Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare through MIT, concluding in July 2023.

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