Why Exercise Alone is Not a Weight-Loss Tool and Tips to Lose Weight

with Dr. Lisa Oldson 

Dr. Oldson gives up tips for weight loss, why exercise is NOT a weight-loss tool, & how to accelerate your weight loss journey.

Do you know anyone concerned about their weight? Or have you heard a fat joke? Chances are you have. In this conversation with Dr. Oldson, we talk all about weight loss and tips to accelerate your weight loss journey.

About Dr. Lisa Oldson

Lisa Oldson, MD, is on staff at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago and has been an award-winning member of the faculty at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern since 1998. She attended medical school at Rush University, where she also completed her residency in Internal Medicine and was honored to be Chief Resident.

After serving as a board-certified Internal Medicine physician for many years, Dr. Lisa obtained additional certification through the American Board of Obesity Medicine in 2013. Her passion is helping people reach and maintain their healthy weight by sharing the latest science and closing the door on unhelpful concepts like, "move more, eat less." Dr. Lisa is a physician by training but is first and foremost a certified coach. She has developed an amazing program that will help you transform your weight and your relationship with food and with yourself.

Coach Lisa lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her two children, her husband, and various pets. She may be excruciatingly slow when she jogs or bikes, but she's a decent tango dancer.

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