Trauma in Medicine & Ways to Heal From It

with Dr. María Colon-Gonzalez


How can physicians regain their passion for patient care and heal from their trauma? I'm excited to talk with Dr. Colon-Gonzalez about this topic.


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About Dr. María Colon-Gonzalez

Dr. María founded saludRevisited, an Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine practice in Texas. She is the author of Healing the Wounds of Medicine: Stories and Journaling for Physicians.

After seeking healing for complex developmental trauma, she realized many issues in medical training and career foster an environment that can naturally lead physicians to live in sympathetic response. She wrote this book with the hopes of helping physicians heal and discover tools to regain their passion for patient care.

In her healing adventure, she has chosen to practice more holistically. She is a certified yoga instructor focused on trauma, resiliency, somatic, and embodiment and a HeartMath provider. She believes every physician deserves to discover their journey in medicine and live free and healed.

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