Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - Treatment & Causes, and Optimizing Brain Performance

with Dr. Mary Rensel


Excited to talk about multiple sclerosis (MS) with Dr. Rensel. MS is a disease that impacts the brain and spinal cord which make up the central nervous system and controls everything we do. Some estimates indicated that nearly 1M adults in the US have MS so this is one reason, we wanted to learn more from an expert.

**THERE IS AN AUDIO issue but we decided to put it out because the information is so good! 


About Dr. Mary Rensel

Mary Rensel, MD is an owner of Brain Fresh, a Coach Tool Kit based on brain-based research. She is co-owner of Brain Ops Group, a group focused on optimizing brain performance to achieve better business outcomes. She is an Assistant Professor of Neurology at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine and Director of Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis and Wellness of the Mellen Center of the Cleveland Clinic. She has graduated from the Medical College of Ohio and completed her Neuroimmunology fellowship training at the Cleveland Clinic. She is boarded in Neurology and Integrative Medicine and is a fellow of the American Academy of Neurology.

Dr. Rensel's work has focused on Adult and Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Health, and Integrative Medicine. Her work in academic medicine often intersects with wellness, advocacy, innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategic initiatives. She is the "Best Doctor" of Cleveland since 2010 per the Cleveland Magazine. She is the Past President of the Women's Professional Staff Association of the Cleveland Clinic. She is active as an Advanced Peer Coach, mentor, scientific reviewer, clinical researcher, activity director, book editor, entrepreneur, and national speaker. She has appeared on numerous media outlets including Good Morning America.

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