Talking about the Stress Cycle and Burnout

with Dr. Megan Melo


Who is not stressed out during the pandemic? We will be talking all about it with Dr. Megan Melo. Dr. Melo’s philosophy on burnout is that we have to attend to both our bodies AND our brains. This is a powerful way for people to start their journey of healing and intentional self-care.

We will be talking all about "The Stress Cycle," as described in Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by Emily Nagoski Ph.D., and Amelia Nagoski DMA. It's a simple, intentional technique of using the body to come out of stress and come into relaxation mode through brief bits of exercise, deep breathing, laughter, crying, etc.

About Dr. Megan Melo

Dr. Melo attended the University of Washington School of Medicine and completed Family Medicine Residency at Group Health in Seattle, WA, and then later joined the Family Medicine Residency Faculty. Dr. Melo is a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, trained at the Life Coach School, as well as a Daring Way Facilitator, and in 2021 became Board-Certified in Obesity Medicine. Dr. Melo now owns a Physician Coaching Practice and cares for women and families through telehealth.

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