Using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) to Reduce Stress & Trauma

with Dr. Melissa Hankins


Have you ever heard of EFT as a way to treat pain and stress? If not, you don’t want to miss this conversation with Dr. Hankins. We are going to talk all about it.


About Dr. Melissa Hankins

Dr. Melissa Hankins is the founder and CEO of Melissa Hankins Coaching. She is a Mindset and Life Coach for physicians and other high performers who may look great on the outside but are struggling on the inside.

Despite feeling completely overwhelmed at work, it wasn’t until she felt suicidal that she had the courage to advocate for herself, and took time off to invest in her own self-care and wellbeing. It was during that time that she utilized a combination of EFT tapping, mindfulness, therapy, and coaching to heal emotionally and mentally, and gain clarity on the ways she wanted and could show up and live her life for herself, her family, and those she works with, including patients, coaching clients, and colleagues.

Combining her expertise and diverse background as a 17-year Harvard-trained psychiatrist, certified executive coach, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT “tapping”) practitioner, Dr. Hankins has created a unique blend of coaching that helps her clients rediscover and reconnect with their authentic selves, and to their passions, values, and goals, both professionally and personally.

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