Embryo Donations in Minority Populations and Fertility

with Dr. Oluyemisi Famuyiwa


Do you know anyone who has had difficulty having children? You might. Data suggests that one out of five people experience fertility challenges. This is one reason I am so excited to chat with Dr. Famuyiwa.

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About Dr. Oluyemisi Famuyiwa

Dr. Oluyemisi Famuyiwa is a double board-certified fertility specialist, the founder of Montgomery Fertility Center, and an Associate Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at George Washington University School of Medicine.

She loves the basic science behind (egg formation) oogenesis. She loves to share that knowledge in easy-to-understand terms, believing that empowering women helps them make the right choices for themselves.

Dr. Famuyiwa launched the most diverse Egg Bank in the Northeast, helping patients from all backgrounds complete their families and putting donor safety first.

It is well known that individuals wishing to find donated embryos from minority backgrounds had to wait up to 3 years. She understands the dire need for embryo donations from diverse backgrounds and guides couples through the donation process.

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