Financial Independence Wellness, & Retiring at 41

with Dr. Param Baladandapani


Are you trying to crush your financial goals for 2022? Do you think your financial situation can impact your wellness? If your answer is yes to any of those questions, then you don’t want to miss this episode of Docs who Care.

Dr. Param Baladandapani will be talking about how financial independence can help your wellness and combat burnout, especially with physicians.  

About Dr. Param Baladandapani

Dr. Parameshwari Baladandapani is a subspecialty trained radiologist who while working full time and raising two young kids built a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio that helped her become financially independent and retire this year at 41.

She is the founder and CEO of GenerationalWealthMD, a community that helps high-income professionals accelerate towards financial freedom by building a real estate portfolio that fits their lifestyle and goals. If you are motivated to stop trading your time for money, you can learn more at and join the community on Facebook.

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