The Science of Well-Being, Self-Compassion, and Shame Resilience

with Dr. Rebecca Lauderdale


Excited to talk about ways to flourish with Dr. Lauderdale. In the episode, we talk about the tools you need to live your best life right now.

About Dr. Rebecca Lauderdale

Rebecca Lauderdale is a board-certified internist who practices primary care internal medicine in south Mississippi. She loves her work with patients and also has a passion for helping women physicians find their way to a flourishing life.

Dr. Lauderdale’s interest in helping other physicians arises from a personal experience of profound depression and professional burnout in her first decade of practice. In recovering and finding her way to flourishing, she had to not only change her job, but needed to unwind from social conditioning about work and worthiness, perfectionism, and a lack of self-compassion.

Dr. Lauderdale is the host of the Women Physicians Flourish podcast, where she brings the science and evidence-based practices of flourishing to her listeners. Her goal with the podcast is to increase the influence of women in medicine, for the benefit of us all.

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