Tips from 25 Years of Experience Helping Anxious Parents

with Dr. Rose Marie Thomas 


Do you know any parents who are always anxious about their kids? I know a few. This is one reason, I am so excited to chat with Dr. Rose Marie Thomas who is an expert in this field and one of the most stylish physicians I know!

About Dr. Rose Marie Thomas

Dr. Rose Marie Thomas has been a pediatrician for 25 years and counting, with a solo practice called Frontier Kids Care, in the beautiful twin island of Trinidad and Tobago!

She prescribes “distilled wisdom” to help parents who are anxious about their child’s well-being in health learning and parenting so that their full potential is unlocked, and their children become gifts to the world!

Dr. Thomas, the founder of Frontier Kids Care, is a University of the West Indies graduate and trained at the University of Miami. She served as a consultant for many years at Mt Hope Children’s Hospital and is a past President of the Paediatric Society of Trinidad and Tobago.

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