Urology and Ensuring More Underrepresented Minorities Become Urologists

with Dr. Shenelle Wilson


An amazing conversation with Dr. Wilson about urology and the reasons that you might need to see a urologist. We also go deep into health equity and her work with Urology Unbound. Urology Unbound is a non-profit organization dedicated to recruiting, retaining, and promoting Black and Brown urologists.

About Dr. Shenelle Wilson

Dr. Shenelle Wilson is a fellowship-trained urologist/urogynecologist and pelvic surgeon who specializes in urinary and sexual health issues in women and men. She also specializes in urologic care for patients with neurogenic bladder. She is based in Metro Atlanta and serves patients throughout the Southeast (Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Florida).

Dr. Wilson focuses on reconstructive surgery and has a special interest in managing pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, and overactive bladder. She also offers a variety of treatments for prostate enlargement, erectile dysfunction, and low testosterone. “Performing quality-of-life surgery is a privilege,” she says. “You have the opportunity to help others further enjoy their lives and experience dramatic improvements. It’s fantastic.”

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