Postpartum Care for New Moms and Tips We All Need To Know

with Dr. Sonam Chouksey


Are new moms being left to navigate postpartum life alone? Join Dr. Chouksey and me as we explore the importance of mental and physical support for new moms and how we can all help to revive and empower these incredible women.

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About Dr. Sonam Chouksey

Dr. Sonam Chouksey is an Internal Medicine physician and Medical Director at CVS Health. She completed her medical education in India, followed by an Internal Medicine residency and Chief Medical Residency at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. Dr. Chouksey later obtained an Executive MBA from Kellogg Business School in the same city.

She founded "PrevLyfe Health," a healthcare startup that leads and shapes initiatives for new moms. Dr. Chouksey is a three-time Humanitarian Award winner in Chicago. She aims to empower new moms without sacrificing their passions, careers, or health, inspiring them to be confident, trailblazing superwomen who change lives with beauty and excellence.

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