Heart Surgery, Robotic Surgery, Black History, and Tackling Health Disparities in the Community

with Dr. Stephen L. Noble


Dr. Noble talks about his pathway to medicine, explains robotic-assisted surgery, and talks about his inspiration to write a book about Dr. Daniel Hale Williams. He also talks about the work he is doing to bring healthcare to the historically medically underserved.

About Dr. Stephen L. Noble

Dr. Stephen L. Noble is a cardiothoracic surgeon in Portland, OR. He is a Navy veteran and passionate about mentorship, youth advocacy, entrepreneurship, and using STEAM and Esports programs to encourage the next generation of young rising stars and heroes to pursue their dreams. To learn more about Dr. Steve, please visit www.DrNobleMD.com

You can buy his book, The Heart of a Hero: The Dr. Daniel Hale Williams Story on Amazon

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