Surviving Stage 3 Cancer & Moving From a Teacher to a Surgeon

with Dr. Susan Trocciola


Am I going to die from cancer in my 40s? This was the question. Dr. Trocciola asked herself. Dr.  Susan Trocciola is a cardiothoracic surgeon and breast and cancer survivor. In this powerful conversation, we go deep. We talk about life after cancer and how it has changed her life, and what is important now. 

About Dr. Susan Trocciola

In this powerful and inspiring conversation, Dr. Trocciola shares her journey starting out as a teacher and then to cardiothoracic surgery. Most importantly, Dr. Trocciola shares her riveting story of how cancer changed her life and navigating the healthcare system as a patient. Dr. Trocciola also shares practical ways you can support someone with cancer.

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