Options to Treat Depression When Nothing is Working

with Dr. Vineka Heeramun


Have you tried everything but you’re still depressed? If this is you or someone you know, then tune into this livestream. I am excited to chat with Dr. Heeramun.

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About Dr. Vineka Heeramun

Dr. Vineka Heeramun is a dual board-certified Psychiatrist and internist who practices as an inpatient and outpatient in Utah.

She attended Medical school at Semmelweis University and completed her residency at SIU-Southern Illinois University.

She is also the founder and CEO of Joyful Horizon Psychiatry, where she specializes in cutting-edge treatments like Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and Spravato (intranasal ketamine) for treatment-resistant depression, OCD, anxiety, and refractory depression.

Her goal is to help patients feel joy and regain back their lives by mastering their mental health.

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