A Year of Extraordinary Travel and Working as a Doctor

with Dr. Weili Gray


Ever wanted to create your dream life but still have a job? Join me for this fantastic conversation with Dr. Gray as she shares how she has created her dream life while practicing medicine.

About Dr. Weili Gray

Meet Dr. Weili Gray, a dreamer and physician who experienced burnout and now happily practices sleep medicine in Vermont's beautiful countryside. Dr. Weili Gray attended the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, followed by an Anesthesiology Residency and Sleep Medicine Fellowship at the University of Vermont Medical Center.

With her husband and three kids, she crafts a dream life brimming with family adventures and extraordinary experiences.

Beyond practicing medicine at a rural critical access hospital, Dr. Gray founded Dare to Dream Physician, a community to empower fellow doctors to dream big and embrace life through travel. She's about boosting physician wellness and speaks on multiple platforms, including her inspirational weekly podcast, "Dare to Dream Physician Travel."

Join Dr. Gray's mission to reclaim life for physicians, urging them to dream boldly, explore the world, and live life to the fullest. Hop aboard on this adventure of imagination and exploration!

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